Summer Romance in Florence | Italy

My couple’s sessions are always a combination of two elements: the love of two people and a specific place, always with a certain sense of journey. I usually shoot couples in a special moment, the most romantic moment in their life, their engagement, their wedding day, just after their wedding, on their honeymoon or their anniversary. My goal is always to show their emotions and the feelings they share, an intimate bond isolated from the hum of everyday life, in a magical place where time has stopped to let them to be alone together. Italy is the ideal country for these sessions.

So many of these beautiful places - Venice, Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Puglia, Lake Como – have a timeless charm, where the architecture is from hundreds or thousands of years ago. As a photographer, I look for locations on the verge of dreams. I make sure that no strangers enter the frame to ruin the shot, and keep the couple as the centre of attention.

I rarely photograph modern cities: just old, stylish cities or tiny towns (like the beautiful countryside hamlets in Tuscany). I also love locations in nature because they too give this sense of timelessness.

One of my favourite places in Italy, where I come back to shoot time and time again, is the city of Florence. I have there many secret, scouted locations – combinations of renaissance architecture and art with the natural garden landscapes, or the surroundings of typical Italian villas. Florence is magnetic, no matter the season or the weather. You can conjure beautiful images in November, April or August - if you know where to look.

During this pre-wedding session, we had rare weather for Florence – clouds and even fog! I love Florence for its surprises too. Doesn’t it look even more mysterious like this?