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is my brand created in 2012.

The name comes from the word "phantasmagoria", "fantasmagoria", which means a dreamlike state where real and imagined elements are blurred together. It is the key to describe my photographic style. The subject of my work are people celebrating their LOVE. I create timeless fine art images, so that they can keep the most precious memories and emotions forever.



Portfolio :


This website was built to help your wedding ceremony become one of your dreams. Have a look at it in order to discover my photographic style and artistic approach. It will explain what working with me as a photographer involves.

If you find a part of yourself in my work and style, it is a good sign. Then, get in touch with me to check my availability.
We can meet up for a coffee or a chat over Skype.





MY Services:




I am sure that your unique love story is worth being told in a series of great photographs. You will be able to look back at it until the end of your life. With my photojournalistic approach I will capture each single detail and key moments of your wedding ceremony in the most beautiful way possible. 

Before hiring me we can meet to discuss all your expectations. I will do my best to follow your needs and make you feel comfortable with me. I find it very important to build friendly relationships with people I work with.






It means I want to tell your wedding story in photographs. Usually, I will spend the entire day with you - from the pre-wedding preparations to late night wedding party. The long time frame allows your family and friends to become familiar with me and therefore renders photographs more natural. I do group and intimate couple shots. Basic wedding package is up to 8 hours.


Bride session is unique because it has different vibrations than photographs from the wedding day. It entails no stress as we have time to work through all poses in details and without a hurry. Bridal session most often takes place on the same day when make up and hair style trials occur.



For you it is a chance to become more familiar with my lens. For me as a photographer, an engagement photographic session is an excellent occasion to get you know better. Photographs from such a session can, for example, be arranged into elegant photobook, used for your wedding invitations or for your wedding website.


If you have any further questions go to:








Destination photography and elopement are perfect occasions to combine wedding ritual with adventure and travel.

If you plan your Big Day abroad, this is likely to be an even more emotional Wedding for you.

I have prepared a special offer for those of you who wish to have a photographic session outside your country.

I’m specialized in photoshootings that take place in Italy as I spent a substantial part of the year in Florence, Tuscany.

I love to photograph typical Tuscan landscapes, since I was young i was fallen in love with Venice.

But I can also accompany you to any European location, be it Barcelona, Lisboa or Paris.

If you have any other wishes, be it islands of Madera, Island or Azores I will accompany you to any destination you wish!

Travels to Asia or crossing the ocean? No problem! Just take me with you! 






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F & Q



1. How long will I have to wait to receive my photographs?

On average, I will provide you with a final set of photographs after 12 weeks. The exact period depends on the season and on the date of photographic session (if it happens on another day than the wedding). Waiting time for an engagement session varies

between 14-30 days.

2. How would I describe my style?

  • artistic

  • authentic

  • candid

  • phantasmagoric

When photographing love it is impossible to direct, impose or know the effect in advance. I love the fact that each wedding is different. It translates into a challenge for me - to tell each story in a new, fresh and unique light.

3. How to Book?

Once your decision to work with me it's taken, we can either meet or I can send you the agreement by e-mail. You will then have to pre-pay a part of the total fee in order to confirm your booking. So everything can be done online.

4. Why do you need weeks from the shooting to the delivery?

All the photographs I take are raw files when I download them into my computer. A raw file is basically a file containing unprocessed data, the digital equivalent to a photo negative: in fact, exactly like a photo negative,  they need to be developed. This is why I need time to develop your wedding: my images come from both my shooting and my editing style, and I take my time to be sure I give you the best possible result.

5. Why am I a weDding photographer?

Because I can create something that you will look back at until the very end of your life and each time it will awaken your emotions once again.

6.  Do I WORK alone?

My personal choice is to shot alone. For the safety reasons and variety of frames I have two cameras always with me. I appreciate this discreet and personal attitude. However a second professional photographer might give a different perspective. So if the couple wants I can come with an additional photographer for the wedding, as you will receive a higher diversity of images. For example, if bride and groom have their preparations in two far locations this is particularly advisable.