My name is Magdalena Glowacka. I am wedding photographer whose brand is Fotomagoria.

My life driving forces are my: 1. family, 2. photography and 3. traveling.

Being wedding photographer makes me feel happy and lucky.

I couldn't imagine any better occupation. It took me a while to discover this.

Without being a parent I wouldn't know what I want from life and how much the quality of life depends on me.

I wouldn't be so aware of the time passing and the need of facing all challenges and fears here and now.


With this knowledge my passion of photography that started in my youth became a real adventure with real wonderful people around the world.  

Exploring new places and cultures is my other passion that I realize through being destination photographer.

New places makes me creative but the biggest adventure I find in getting to know people and their relations. 

If you are looking for someone who could capture your LOVE in a natural, but still special and dream like way - you found the right person! 

I love traveling with our camper, photographing outdoor, rustic weddings, mediterranean colors,

boats, wood, moss, stones, winds and mists of the north.

I speak Polish *my mother language, English and Italian. I'm based in Tuscany, Italy but I can follow you anywhere you want!