Best of 2017

How was your 2017? Mine was fantastic! 

Just one year ago I started new life in Italy, 

with my family we started our camper adventure and now I just can't believe

- after 1 year my kids can speak Italian fluently! ...

I ate so much pizza and pasta, I have seen tones of epic places and got to know  many brilliant couples.

This is why I am so thankful for all of you that have trusted me.

I step into 2018 even more inspired and curious.

I hope the next 2018 will be even more  rich in  great celebrations, weddings, couples and journeys.

Thank You for your sharing, for your love and support.


It was bloody difficult to select these images from plenty of different works.

The choice is done so far and I hope you will enjoy my favorite best moments of previous year compiled in this video.

Each photo was taken by me in the last year 2017.