Engagement shooting in Lanckorona, Willa Tadeusz | Poland


When this year A&K asked me where to go for our engagement photo shooting I hadn't doubts that once again i need to visit this magical, unique place which is Lanckorona not far from Cracow in Poland. I don't go there often and after moving to Italy it became even more difficult, but the memory of this place has got very significant space in my mind and in my heart .

It was exactly this place where being 16 or 17 years old girl I took part in the first photography workshop of my life. It lasted two very cold and windy early spring days. With other enthusiasts of analog photography we were stepping into mud, passing through plowed fields to photograph the blowers, the landscape, the ground, all the shades of ground. I did not yet have the confidence to photograph people, and nature was enough for me. That days I discovered amazing architecture of Lanckorona and its old wooden cottages like from a different century. The time stopped in this place. After many years when I was starting my brand Fotomagoria I came back there for one very special wedding. It was special because it was my first outdoor ceremony. It was very emotional, beautiful, the couple was so much in love. I understood that this is my aim and I want to photograph in the future weddings like that. The venue was Willa Tadeusz and this summer 2017 I took my couple again to this extraordinary, unforgettable, so hidden in forest location, hoping to bring back the same feelings and inspiration that I remembered from my past.



Venue: Willa Tadeusz