Anniversary Shoot of Russian Couple in Tuscany | Italy

I have never enough of Tuscany. Each time I take adventurous couples to my secret spots of Tuscan countryside, my heart is full of excitement and I feel always ready for a getaway into rolling Tuscan hills. No matter what the season it gives us always infinite possibilities, breathtaking light and colors. This time I am sharing with you Tuscany in the wintertime, which is utterly different from Tuscany during springtime, summer or autumn.

Alex and Dima came to Italy straight from Russia to celebrate the anniversary of their wedding in picturesque landscapes of Val D'Orcia in province of Siena. We spent the whole day traversing the hills and field tracks, enjoying the sunset in Bagno Vignoni where one of the biggest geniuses of cinema Andrei Tarkovsky filmed his memorable "Nostalgy".

It was definitely one of my favorite couple sessions of the year.